A Job or a Calling?

A Job or a Calling?

Michael Lewis writes, “A job will never satisfy you all by itself, but it will afford you security and the chance to pursue an exciting and fulfilling life outside of your work. A calling is an activity you find so compelling that you wind up organizing your entire self around it — often to the detriment of your life outside of it.  There’s no shame in either. Each has costs and benefits.”

I’ve been contemplating this idea over the entire semester. Successful entrepreneurs love what they do so much; it has to be a calling. But do I want a calling? As a woman, I feel like this is something I can’t ignore. I know that I do eventually want to have a family.  Can I truly be committed a hard, difficult venture that might take the next 15 years of my life?

I want to excellent at what I do. I want to do something that positively impacts others. One great way to do this is to start my own venture. But can I accept the responsibility of being an entrepreneur when I do greatly value life outside of work?


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